Tech Area – My wheels are stuck!

If you have come here because your wheels are stuck in the trailer. we will help you solve this problem. Our first piece of advice is – Don’t let it happen in the first place. Axles get stuck because they have rusted. It usually happens to trailers on long tours, or trailers stored with the wheels on over winter. Always store the trailer with axles removed, remove wheels overnight when touring, and keep the axles lubricated with oil.

But now the good news – We’ve never come across an axle that can’t be removed.

1. Easy/quick
Turn trailer on its side, so that one wheel is on the floor. Rest your foot on the lower wheel. Push button for the top wheel and give it good hard pull. This will free a lightly stuck wheel.

2. Middle
If you are able to get a quick clamp that can push its jaws apart you can put this between the hubs with a block of wood to space to the correct width, and push the wheels apart while holding the axle button down on the sticky one. When they release it can be explosive/sudden so caution is needed.

3. Hardcore (never fails)
Use a 19mm socket to remove the axle nut. Use a wooden drift to tap off the wheel from the axle shaft. This is normally easy if you’ve pre-soaked the axle bearings in WD40* or equivalent. Now wrap the exposed axle in cardboard and clamp it securely in a bench vice. Twist the trailer frame about the axle axis, and it should release. Waggle it a bit first to loosen it up then while holding the button in twist and pull the frame off the axle.

Once the axle is clear clean it with wet’n’dry to remove any rust pitting, re-grease and re-insert.

* – WD-40 is the trademark name of a lubricant, penetrating oil and water-displacing spray.