Video – Carradice Bagman

This video shows how the Carradice Bagman Sport Rack (quick release version) mounts to a saddle as well as how a saddlebag mounts to the rack.
Video courtesy of US Caddice dealer – Calhoun Cycle in Minneapolis.

Video – Curves’n’Turns

“We´ve got to stop once in a while and let our spirit catch up.”

Everything´s getting faster and faster nowadays. This project was an experiment to slow down living, or rather try to find a way of going slowly and to experience travelling to the fullest. By bike from the southern part of Austria to the mediterranean sea like Liguria and Sardegna was the first part of this adventure. Another very important goal was to catch up with local people, to immerse deeper into the local culture and to find waves in a country which isn´t that famous for surfing.

Made by Lukas Griesser // Sam Strauss // Simon van Hal

The full film will be out soon. Read the full text here …

Video – Rok Straps

The ROKstraps Commuter Strap is a great tool for cyclists, hikers, and anyone on the move. Made from nylon rubber, its ingenious design makes it adaptable to almost any situation. What’s your favorite use?

Video – Now we move

This is a Greek movement to kick out poverty. We met Georgios at the Eurobike last year and we donated a Y large to the cause. Here is a video that they made with the Y.

Video – Bike 2 Boat

A new Bike 2 Boat Adventure! With bike & kayak from Cannes to Venice. After last year’s Bike 2 Boat trip through Norway, Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt & Philip Baues decided to start a new adventure: They explored the countryside by bike (using Carry Freedom trailers) & wild waters of the Alps by kayak between Cannes & Venice. 5 countries, 2000 kilometers, 22.000 meters of altitude, 18 rivers, 52 days on the bike & in the boat. To travel the Alps by bike & kayak is an intense way to explore the countryside. Stop where you want, sleep where you fall over & paddle as much as you can.

Athletes: Jens Klatt, Philip Baues
Production Company: Big-O-Productions