Carry Freedom – Free your bike!

Carry Freedom is a new company, combining beauty, function and quality, the Scotish designer and silversmith – Nick Lobnitz started Carry Freedom in 2003 and his home and company is a farm in rural Scotland. All Carry Freedom trailers are light, modern and functional. There is a solution to all your carrying problems at Carry Freedom. Your bike is not complete without one of these trailers.

Y-Frame: The Y-Frame trailer can carry anything, anywhere. Simple, light and strong the Y-frame combines innovative design with sturdy construction to produce one of the most versatile bike trailers you can buy.

The LEAF (Coming soon) : The LEAF is a trailer for shopping, travelling and city life. It is ideal for people living in apartments. It quickly folds flat for compact storage and is compact and manoeuvrable for use in crowded markets and streets.

Bamboo Trailer : The Bamboo Trailer was designed by Carry Freedom for use in the 3rd world. This simple but strong trailer is built locally from paper plans we supply. What’s revolutionary is that anyone can build this trailer, out of practically any material (including bamboo), with hardly any tools.