Hustle and Bustle

The Hustle & Bustle jacket is the beautifully tailored Rainwrap’s other half! Comfortable and versatile you can wear this beautiful jacket anywhere and always feel elegant and unintimidated by impending gloomy weather! The Hustle & Bustle rain jacket is mesh lined and has:

  • Soft fabric, lovely handle. Noiseless and waterproof (10,000mm)
  • an inside pocket at the front and a larger pocket in the peplum where you can keep your storm waistcoat, rainwrap, hat, gloves etc.
  • high visibility detail around the waist and on the wrists and shoulders.
  • a storm waistcoat with two pockets at the front and a mesh pleat at the back to accommodate the wearing of bulky clothing.
  • a detachable hood
  • Colours: black, red, olive green, white with pink shoulders, white with orange shoulders
  • Sizes: Medium (Euro 36/38), Large (Euro 42/46)

D1 Vest

A waterproof windcheater with high visbility detail this offers a cool alternative to the boxy builders vizvest, definitely D1 to wear! Silver reflective detail on front, sides and back, perfect for being seen walking on country roads and of course cycling.

  • Great windcheater
  • Noiseless, waterproof (10,000mm) fabric
  • Colours: olive green with yellow squares and white with orange squares
  • Sizes:
  • – small (width 54cm / length 60cm)
  • – large (width 60cm /- length 60cm)
  • – extra large (width 70cm / length 70cm)
  • – bell (width 56-70cm / length 60cm)


The Dublette is an elegant waterproof jacket designed to expand over a backpack and/or bulky clothing. When the bungees on the back and down the sleeves are tightened the Dublette takes on its most elegant form with a fishtail swing at the back. The fishtail can also be adjusted to create a gathered, rounder shape by adjusting the bungees at the bottom of the jacket, acting as protection against splash back from the road and enabling one to sit on wet surfaces. The Dublette expandable jacket also has a detachable cape which can be worn separately to help keep rain off other items of clothing and in orange can also be used as a high visibility aid. The Dublette is ideal for wearing about town and for cycling, horse-riding and hiking.

  • Mesh lining with inside pocket
  • Sealed seams
  • Noiseless, waterproof (10,000mm) fabric
  • Storm flap covering zip
  • High visibility detail down sleeves and back
  • With adjustable integrated hood
  • Pockets in side seams
  • Underarm Ventilation zips
  • Colours: olive green – m/l, navy – m/l, orange – m, light stone – m
  • Sizes: Medium (Euro 36/38), Large (Euro 42/46)


Rainwrap: Combat the rain with this wrap around rain skirt. A perfect alternative to waterproof trousers the Rainwrap is blissfully easy to take on and off without the palaver of pulling over shoes. To put on simply wrap it around like an apron with the reflective strap to the back. Use of the garter prevents the Rainwrap from riding up in windy weather. The Rainwrap…

  • keeps your legs dry both cycling and walking and on a scooter
  • is high waisted to avoid gaping
  • can be used on bikes with a cross bar
  • can be used as a picnic/festival blanket on damp lawns and fields
  • folds away quickly and easily!
  • is made from noiseless, waterproof (10,000mm) fabric
  • Sizing:
    S – to 101,6cm hip, 91,5cm length
    M – to 101,6cm hip, 96,5cm length
    L – to 114,3cm hip, 96,5cm length
    XL – to 127 cm hip, 96,5cm length


Leggits: Overshoes with style! Simply pop the Leggits over your shoes and boots. Say Hi! to visibility and bye to sodden jeans and spoiled shoes! The beauty of them is even if it’s not raining or dark they still can be worn as funky boots! The Leggits won an EUROBIKE- Award for “functionality, design-quality and comfort” in 2011.

  • Noiseless, waterproof (10,000mm) fabric
  • Closing belts are covered with reflecting strips in order to increase safety
  • Toe soles made from hand harvested and filleted recycled inner tubes
  • Available in four colors: red, black, black with cream edging and yellow
  • Small (Euro 35 to 37), Medium (Euro 37 to 39), Large (Euro 40 to 43), Xtra Large (Euro 43 to 45)
  • A bigger size is needed for Leggits on massive shoes (e.g. Outdoor shoes)