Carry Freedom Y Surf

Go surfing and leave the car at home. With a Y-Surf you can cycle, take your surf board and all the gear you need to the beach and go on that epic ride. The unique adjustable rail design means that the board cannot be blown around by the wind.

  • must be fitted on a Y-large trailer (not included)
  • weighs 5 kg
  • load capacity on the rails 20 kg
  • load capacity on the trailer 90 kg
  • two holes need to be drilled in the Y-large loadbed.

Board size 2.2 meters with standard tow arm.

The carrying angle is adjustable so that the surf attachment can be adapted to carry a paddle board (SUP), kayak, ladder or cello. Long loads may need a longer tow arm.

Two projects using the Y surf:

Curves’n’Turns – See the blog entry:

Don’t follow this bike – See Atila on his journey around New Zealand using a Carry Freedom Surf Trailer. Blog entry here:

Carry Freedom Wide Axle Beam

Will bolt to any existing Y-Frame(without any modification needed) to give an axle beam width of 85cm. The normal width is 50cm for the small Y-Frame and 65cm for the large Y-Frame. Mainly used for Kayaks and canoes when extra width is needed.

Zusatzachse – Verbreiterung des Radstands um 25 cm. Einfache Montage.

Carry Freedom Trailer Snake

The Trailer Snake allow one Y-Frame to tow another Y-Frame behind it. This allows one bicycle to tow multiple trailers.

The Trailer Snake works on Y-Small and Y-Large trailers.
The total weight of all trailers and their cargo must not exceed 100 kg (50 kg on bicycles with quick release axles).
Both trailers must be fitted with the Lollypop hitch.

Carry Freedom Extension Arm

Verlängerte Deichsel mit Lollypop-Elastomer und Splint. Erhältlich in zwei Längen: +0,5 oder + 0,9 Meter. Wird benötigt, um Fahrräder, Surfbretter, Kanus und Kayaks mit dem Y-Frame zu ziehen. Fangband nicht im Lieferumfang.