Video - Bike 2 Boat

Carry Freedom Video

A new Bike 2 Boat Adventure! With bike & kayak from Cannes to Venice. After last year’s Bike 2 Boat trip through Norway, Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt & Philip Baues decided to start a new adventure: They explored the countryside by bike (using Carry Freedom trailers) & wild waters of the Alps by kayak between Cannes & Venice. 5 countries, 2000 kilometers, 22.000 meters of altitude, 18 rivers, 52 days on the bike & in the boat. To travel the Alps by bike & kayak is an intense way to explore the countryside. Stop where you want, sleep where you fall over & paddle as much as you can.

Athletes: Jens Klatt, Philip Baues
Production Company: Big-O-Productions