Y passes the EN Test

Although the Y has been around for a few years now and has sold throughout the world, we have always been very conscious of the tests and the certifications in the bike industry. For a long time load trailers were tested as passenger trailers. Now there is special EN Test for luggage carrying trailers for bicycles. The renowned German testing agency velotech.de was picked to do the testing.

Owner Ernst Brust is recognized as one of the best bicycle experts in the world. To pass the test we had to make some changes. For example we needed to fit deflectors and a safety strap to meet the demands of the test. All mechanical tests were passed with ease, even at the heavy load weight that we advertise: 45 kg for the Y small and 90 kg for the Y large. We are proud to say that both Y trailers have passed the DIN EN 15198 test.

Many thanks to those who made this possible: Holger Diehm, Andre Gläser, Nick Lobnitz, Andreas Deutsch, Jim Lin and Ernst Brust. Thanks guys!

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  • Ian Wilson July 16, 2017   Reply →

    My trailer has been in use for several years.
    Can I retro fit the deflectors and strap to be DIN compliant?
    Where do I get them from. My supplier has nothing

    • Admin October 27, 2017   Reply →

      Hi Ian, sorry i missed this message. I should get a reminder when a comment is posted. You can get the stuff from us or from Really Useful Bikes in Bristol. Rob has most of the Carry Freedom parts. One thing to think about – if you want to fit the deflectors check the underside of your load bed. Some of the older trailers have the holes already drilled and all you have to do is push the bolt through the grip tape to activate the holes. For the rest you need to drill new holes. it’s not that difficult but check the load bed first.

      I have just seen that the deflectors are not available in the shop. i will change this so that you can order them asap.

      Hope this helps.

      Links: https://shop.planet-used.com/shop/en/carry-freedom-safety-strap.html
      Really Useful Bikes: https://www.reallyusefulbikes.co.uk/new-products-44/

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